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HSSE Policy graphics
HSSE Policy graphics
HSSE Policy graphics

Health, Safety, Security, and Environment (HSSE) Policy

It is the policy and  the responsibility of Dee Jones  to  promote the health, security and safety of DeeJones employees, sub contractor  employees, clients, company assts, as well as the public, the environment and  communities in which we work, and it is paramount and imperative in how we will  conduct our business activities. The promotion of a safe and healthy work  environment, prevention of accident and respect for the environment will be the  established philosophy of the company and its entire staff.
Managing HSSE issues  is an essential component of our business strategy. DeeJones management  takes a proactive approach in creating a safe work environment and strives to  provide and maintain safe working conditions, requires safe working practices  and maintains compliance with all known domestic and international laws,  regulations and standard. Management holds itself responsible to promote  continuing safety education, to assign and monitor responsibilities for all  aspects of DeeJones HSSE programmes and to review routinely the HSSE  programmes to identify opportunities for improvement.
The company conducts its business affairs in a way to protect workers health, security and  safety through education that addresses the prevention of accidents, illnesses  and injuries and losses.

DeeJones is ISPS  code compliant and working to maintain its Port Facility Security Plan. Much  emphasis is paid to the mandatory guidelines of the ISPS code. Access control  is given top priority while the safety of ship and shore is of great importance  as great effort is taken by the PFSO to ensure appropriate interpretation and  implementation.

DeeJones will  continue to be a leader in the HSE arena by performing its work in compliance  with our HSSE policies and procedures. For DeeJones, work progress, security  and safety are compatible and equal goals.